Tall Floral Garland
Personalised Framed Print

This version of our floral eternity personalised print is presented in a tall frame to allow for additional personalisation.  As such, you can include a special dedication or message to make it even more unique and personal.

Inspiration for the design comes from watching nature burst into life during spring. It’s the promise of new beginnings and looking forward to exciting times ahead. The symbolism of a circle or flower garland traditionally means eternity and the everlasting circle of life. The green leaves, blossoms and flowers are all entwined into our design, combined with on trend colours of greens, blues, yellows and reds to create a truly beautiful print.

We have a choice of 4 background colours (green, blue, yellow and orange) which are all contemporary and look stunning…it’s just hard to choose one!

This print would make an ideal gift for a wedding or engagement.  It is personalised with the initials, names and a date to celebrate the special occasion.  The tall frame means there is more space to add a special dedication or message to make it even more bespoke and tailored from you.  For inspiration on message ideas click here.  As such, this print would make a lovely personalised baby birth date print or as a personalised christening gift from godparents.

Lets Make it Special!

Adding a few details to the artwork will make it special.