Little Puffin
Personalised Print

As a child I remember going on a school trip to the Farne Islands, which is just off the Northumberland Coast, to spot puffins. I recall being really excited as we got into a small boat and made our way across the water to the Islands.  Half way through the journey the boat suddenly stopped and we were all left bobbing up and down as the engine failed.  But the skipper returned with a big smile saying don’t worry, it’s only a jellyfish stuck in the engine!  Whilst that may have been a highlight of the school day, we did get going again and saw these beautiful sea birds and I still remember this 35 years later!

This personalised print of the ‘Little Puffin’ is one of my favourite prints because the colour contrasts look stunning on the wall.

For an extra special gift, you can personalise the print with the name and a message of your choice to create a truly unique gift.  Just pop the details in the box below.

If you’d like to see the Puffins at the Farne Islands take a look at

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