personalised typographic print ideal as a christening gift from godparents

Love, Cherish, Protect
Personalised Print

I do love this print, in fact it’s one of my favourites from our new 2018 range!  The framed print would be ideal as a christening gift from godparents to their godson or goddaughter to show you are always thinking of them.

This is because our typographic print puts into words the promises you make to the child: a promise to love, cherish and protect them.

Then again, these words aren’t just for christenings.  Why not share the love and let that special little person be reminded everyday of just how important they are to you.  Whether as parents, a close friend, Aunties / Uncles or Grandparents.

Simply lovely!

Lets Make it Special!

Adding a few details to the artwork will make it special.