Mother’s Day Ideas

In the UK, Mother’s Day is on Sunday 31st March for 2019.  We’ve revived one of our old blog articles which we hope will help you to get crafty with the kids and make a lovely homemade card for their Mum.   

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Children’s Homemade Cards for Mum

Get crafty with the kids and help make a lovely homemade card for their Mum. I’ve trawled through the crafts my own children have produced over the years and come up with some fairly simply but lovely ideas to make a card for their mum.  This would be ideal for a Mum’s birthday card, a Mother’s Day card, or adapt it for a special Christmas card.  But don’t wait for an excuse – the best cards are when you’re not expecting them so surprise a Mum with one of these.

Get the little ones involved in making a card – a homemade card is often cherished for years to come

Poems and Ideas

Many of these ideas are based on using your child’s hand prints, so…get the paint out!

Idea 1

This is the hand you used to hold when I was only 3 years old


*  If you’re using white card remember to use bold colours as paler paint colours (yellows etc) don’t show very well on white card – if you’d like to use pastels get some contrasting coloured card.

*  To get a decent print, make a few hand prints on pieces of paper or card then cut the print out and stick onto the actual Mothers day card.  This way, if the child writes the message and makes a mistake or moves while doing the handprint it won’t matter and they won’t get discouraged.  Don’t worry about it being perfect though – a little quirkiness/smudges etc make the card even more special as it shows the child has done it themselves!

Idea 2 

This could go on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper and perhaps be framed to make it extra special!

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my handprint
On furniture and wall.

But everyday I’m growing
I’ll be all grown someday
And all those tiny hand prints
Will surely fade away.

So here’s a final handprint
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When they were very small.

© T. Lambert, Jr.  May 1978

Idea 3 – Quotes 

If you child already has a lovely picture ready, simply add a message or quote to the picture, such as;

You make my heart happy

Love you to the Moon and Stars and back again

Children hold their mother’s hand for a short time but their hearts forever

Idea 4

Ask your child to draw a picture of their Mum with some messages about why they love their mum – ask them what makes their mum special or why they love her and get them to write this on the card.

Idea 5

Create ‘tokens’ as gifts from the children – such as this token entitles you to:  a big hug / breakfast in bed / painting your fingernails etc

Idea 6

Finger print pictures – finger print flowers or trees – draw or cut out the shape of a flower stalk or tree and get the children to do finger prints for the flower petals or leaves for the tree.  This would work with anything – such as finger print animals (birds, cats, dogs etc) – once the finger prints are dry get some felt tips to draw eyes, mouths, legs etc on the animals.

Idea 7

In bubble writing outline the word mum and get the children to glue and stick acrylic jewels, glitter, buttons etc within the letter outline for a great effect.

Most of these crafts are suitable for fairly young children – older children will be able to do the writing themselves to make a very personal card.

If you’d like to add your own ideas to share with others please leave a comment!

All the above are also great for a Mum’s birthday card (or a father’s day / Dad’s birthday card too – except perhaps the fingernail painting!)