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Christmas tree background

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?

The Christmas tree is a tradition that many families partake in during the holiday season. But where did this tradition come from and who started it?

Christening Gifts from Godparents

Being asked to be a Godparent is a huge honour but finding that special gift for a little loved one can be tricky.
what to buy a tween for a birthday or christmas gift

What to buy a Tween for a birthday or Christmas gift

Great gift ideas for tweens, chosen by tweens for under £15. Ideal for birthday's, christmas.

Recycled Seed Pots

What to Write in a New Born Baby Card

Looking for a little help and inspiration with what to write in a new born baby card?

Why Buy Personalised Gifts?

Top 5 reasons to buy personalised gifts
christeningbell and walsh

What is a Christening?

So you’ve been invited to a Christening, you’ve been to a few Baptisms in the past but never a Christening. Are they the same thing? Do you have to do anything differently? To save any embarrassing mishaps we’ve put together a guide that will explain the differences.
naming ceremonybell and walsh

Christening or a Naming Ceremony?

So you’re trying to decide between a Naming Ceremony or a Baptism / Christening, you’ve got the whole family expecting a party. You want everyone to celebrate the birth of your little bundle of joy but at the same time you’re also thinking “what the heck is the difference between a Naming Ceremony and a Christening or a Baptism??? Worry not, we’ll help you get the facts right.

What is a baby shower?

So the bump is getting big and the day is fast approaching it’s time to arrange the Baby Shower! This tradition has made it’s way over to the UK in recent years but the rules are still a little unclear, do I arrange my own baby shower? Is it a surprise party? How much do you spend on gifts? Do we have to share scary birth stories? Are the guys allowed within a hundred meters? All these questions and more will be answered !

Naming Day Celebrations – Our Top 10 To do’s

We love a checklist so here's some handy ideas to help you keep track organising your Naming Day celebration.

Top 10 most popular baby names in England & Wales 2018

What are the trendy baby names for 2018?  Back in 2012 I had a look at the most popular baby names so thought I'd take another look and see how things have changed 6 years on....

Top 10 Christening Gift Ideas

Christening gifts don’t have to be expensive – it’s often the thought and sentiment behind the gift which is important.
christening messagesBell Walsh

Personalised Message Inspiration

Looking for the perfect message to go with the Christening or newborn gift? It can be difficult to find the right words so we’ve got some inspiration for you to create your own special and thoughtful message to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Do you buy Gifts for Godparents?

Many people ask the question about whether they should be buying a gift for the Godparents. Although there are different opinions on this, in general, there is no expectation to buy godparents a gift – it is considered a privilege to be asked to be a godparent in the first place. Having said that, many parents want to say ‘thank you’ to the godparents to show their appreciation and provide a reminder of their special day and the promises they have made to the child.

Choosing Godparents

Choosing Godparents is an important and tricky decision!  Finding that superhero, spiritual guru who will help and protect your baby forever.  We've put together a simple guide to help you through the process.

Hello Again!

Bell & Walsh are back! we've our new shiny website and some fab designs ready for 2018.
what to write in a christening cardbell and walsh

What to Write in a Christening Card

Looking for a little help and inspiration with what to write in a Christening card?